Home-Schooled Children

Have you ever thought about all the kids out there that get home-schooled? How do they make friends? If you had to sit at home all day and be taught by your parents, how would you feel? They wouldn’t get the thrill of being sent to the principals office, they wouldn’t get the feeling that you get when your outside running around with friends, they wouldn’t be able to talk to all their closest friends when a boy or girl asks them out. And what about all the sleep-overs? They couldn’t talk about all the cute boys or braid each-others hair while reading magazines. If I had to live for a month as a home-schooled child, I know I wouldn’t be able to survive. How about you?


2 responses to “Home-Schooled Children

  1. Your right, and your wrong. Your right about the friends bit. Do you get a thrill of going to the principals office? Home Schooling also takes kids away from the stress and pressure and bulling from the world. It also hides you from the world. Sometimes though, I wish I was home schooled, Did you ever?

  2. Well not so much a thirll but have you ever got called down to the office and everyone is like, OOOOH, then you start to get the butterflies in your stomach?
    And the stress and bullying thing is a true fact but I wouldnt wanna be hidden from the world,
    and yea I have deffinatley wanted to be homeschooled before.

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