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Hey Grade 8′s!!

So here I am, a whole year later, STILL doing homework for Mr. Whattam… Just kidding guys 😉

Mr. Whattam asked if I would be kind and blog about life as a grade 9 so here it is.

My life as a grade 9.

More stairs
and finally
More homework!

I`m just kidding guys, though, those are all big parts of my day!

High school is a LOT like Lincoln but with some major differences. We have two semesters which basically means I have the same classes everyday. No trying to remember what day it is anymore! *fistpump* I can tell you off the top of my head how each of my days go. P1-Tech room 101 P2-Math room 201 P3- Food and Nutrition room 407 LUNCH! P4- Science room 317 and finally P5- MSIP room 205.

yes boys and girls, I got lucky enough to have a class on each and every floor of the school for first semester. Totally makes up for not having gym! 😉

Yeah okay, grade nines are crazy. Get used to it guys, your crazy too. I can promise you, everyone agrees with me.

One of my favourite differences between Lincoln and G.C.I is here at G.C.I. I have a class called MSIP, which I am sitting in right now, typing away on my net book. Because we have WIFI here 😀 MSIP stands for…. ehrm… yeah ask Mr. Whattam. We just call it the much improved version of study hall. We can do any homework we have, we can doodle. You have the choice as long as your quiet. You meet loads of cool people, (MSIP is a mix of every grade) So basically, if I am having issues with my grade 9 math, I can ask a grade 11 who has already done it and understands to help me out. Its a pretty awesome system! And if it so happens that we need another teacher to explain it or want one on one so that the teacher can go more in depth with whatever it is that were not understanding, we are aloud a `travel pass` so we can go and talk to a teacher who can help us out, no more giving up lunches or after school 😀

So, I think that is a pretty detailed mix of how my life at high school is so far. I have NO doubt Mr. Whattam is going to pull this apart and have you guys edit it, I never claimed to be an editor. ;D

Have fun guys, enjoy being the top of the school. Join up and be yourself!

Talk to you kidletts later!



Chapter 23, The End

I don’t think that the ending of “The Giver” was a very good one since we don’t know what really happened to Jonas or Gabe since the book just ends with him sliding down a hill. Sure it leaves it open to whatever you want to happen, if you wanted them to live you could think that he actually Heard the Beyond, or you could think that they both didn’t have the strength to go on and they died. Either way I wasn’t very impressed with the ending.

Chapter 22-23 last post. #8

Do you think the story has a happy or sad ending? Explain your feelings.

I really don`t know I think the ending is ambiguous meaning the reader has to make his own iinterperation on what happens at the end. But, if I had to choose one it would be happy ending. I believe that it would be happy because Jonas and Gabe escape to0 “Elsewhere” and they were also reunited with the memories of snow, light and sleds that the Giver gave him, also with the memories of music, peace, joy, and freedom and they find a better place. all in all I believe that it`s a happy ending but thats my opinion. You guys should read the second book “Memories of the blue” it says the awnser atleast that is what I heard from my brother ( I don`t trust him). Also, it makes you kind of make your own ending.

chapter 15 the giver post 6 Fahim

              chapter 15. Why did the Giver ask Jonas to forgive him?

      The giver ask`s him to forgive him because he told him about  a horrible scene of war where men, that are little older than he is are lying injured, dying, and thirsty.

Chapter 19

 Why can Jonas’s father justify  the release of the twin so easily? Compare this society to others argument for capital punishment and euthanasia.

The Giver- Chapter 13 & 15

Chapter 13-
Safer is better in Jonas’s community. They do not let anyone decide what they want to do, be. They think if you screw up then it’s in the counsel’s hands. It’s not your fault its there’s. Choosing your own name could lead to you not liking it, then again having your name chosen you may not like it either. Wrong choices are not a part of their community. Wrong = upset and disappointment.

Chapter 15-The Giver has to apologize to Jonas because he has probably just passed on the most horrific memory. War is an awful thing and the giver had to say sorry for giving such and awful memory so close to the begging of their training.

The Giver-Chapter 10 & 12

Chapter 10-
a) The three books in every households are a dictionary, a book explaining all of the buildings in Jonas’s community, ex. office, factory, and a book of rules.
b) I cannot imagine a world without books! without them we wouldn’t be doing this book report! But besides from that I love books, when you get into them it feels like you’re in a hole different world, it takes you away from things around you to just be a part of someone else’s life that day. I don’t know what book I couldn’t live without, I read a lot of books but only once, I can’t read them again, I find it boring. I would have to say Series of Unfortunate Events or Twilight as they were a great read.

Chapter 12-
People in Jonas’s community give up coulor because the committee of elders feels when you give something coulor, you give something personality. Personality causes difference. Difference between people in Jonas’s community is a bad thing. If someone is different someone else may have strong feelings for them causing love, Love can end good or it can end bad, whichever one coulor as they see it is bad.