The Dentist! Good Copy

I went to the dentist on Thursday and had dental surgery! They had to cut into my gum and pull out my wisdom tooth. I know many people who are afraid of the dentist, but you don’t need to be. If I survived that and it didn’t hurt at all, then you can survive the dentist too. Don’t be afraid!


Have you had any dentist experiences like mine?


12 responses to “The Dentist! Good Copy

  1. the last time i went to the dentist was to get my tooth pulled a few years ago and they tried to freeze it and i didn’t work so i should still be afraid… has the Anastasia ever not work for you?

  2. I went to the dentist on saturday and It was to get my teeth cleen. While I was waiting I waas playing XBOX 360. I was playing madden 09

  3. I wasn’t playing madden 09 I was playing madden 08. Sorry bad.

  4. Ya I have when I was in grade one I had to get a tooth pulled out and the cavity was so bad they couldn’t freeze it, so they pulled it out normal. It hurt.

  5. I went to the dentist, and I had four teeth pulled, one after another. They froze one side of my mouth and pulled the other two out then they did it again on the other side, luckily it didn’t hurt when I was younger I was terrified of the dentist, they would hold me down in the chair. Im over it now ! šŸ˜€

  6. My cousin has had a dental experience like that, actually she had the same one. Unfortunately hers didnā€™t go as well as yours did. The next three days after she was sick until the point where she threw up from the pain. You were pretty lucky that all went as well as it did Kassie! Donā€™t you agree?

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