Report Cards.

I agree with the Woman, Report Cards are quite important. Though to pass, it’s not at least a 70%, itsnt it 55%? Today in school, when you apply to university you must have top top marks like in 80’s or 90’s. Of course they don’t want some underachiver, but they could consider a 70. The whole point of going to school is to do well, or else whats the point of going to school it’s just a waste of our time. Getting marked tells you where you are, whether your understanding it or not. Bottom line marks are good, but maybe were stressing over them a bit too much.Comic!


4 responses to “Report Cards.

  1. I love that picture ūüôā

  2. Yea, I found it, Google has the answer to everything.

  3. That is why we need to fail people. People can’t just go around and telling people “Oh I got 100% 50 in gym and 50 french. No we need to fail people so they know what they need to be better in. Like in a sport if you don’t get the spike for vollyball fix what you did and fix it. Therefor We did to fail people. P.S Nice picture.

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