Chapter 19

 Why can Jonas’s father justify  the release of the twin so easily? Compare this society to others argument for capital punishment and euthanasia.


16 responses to “Chapter 19

  1. He could do it so easily because he was told to, everyone in that society is a robot the do what they are told, no questions asked, some doctors do it with out questions asked its called Euthanasia, most doctors swore on an oath never to kill someone on purpose, many do it anyways. In China if you have more than one child, they will execute the extra baby but generally they kill the female babies because the chinese love the male babies, which leads to not enough spouses which leads to war ad chaos.

  2. If they are told how to live then I never want to live there because I want to do what I want and I want to fall in love with the guy that i want

  3. Jonas’s father dose not justify the release of the twins easily, like Rebecca said, he dose not feel pain in Releasing. I mean its his job right? I think Jonas’s father has no attitude for the realeasing because, .He can’t go to the community and say no because he was chosen for the job when he was a 12. This society is wrong to me because they should release them in some other way like, make them leave the community. But in our society, we have many rules for Euthanasia, If people kill many citizens in this community and it had a bad reputation in his or her back round they would be killed my a lethal injection.

  4. I think that Jonas’s father can justify the release of the twin so easily because he may think it is just a part of life, and that since he had done it so many times that it just dosn’t bother him at all. He had never felt pain before so he may not think there’s a problem with it.

  5. Why can Jonas’s father justify the release of the twin so easily ?

    I think the only reason why is because he doesn’t understand what he is doing to the kid. When he started off at the nurturer training, basically they would of told him that it was the way of life and that that’s what supposed to happen. He doesn’t know any different because thats what he was taught to do. He also has no feelings, so he cant feel the pain or the love for the kid.

  6. I think that he justify it in his mind because he doesn’t understand that it’s not right and do he has never seen war like jonas and never felt pain. Euthanasia also known as mercy killing is a way of painlessly terminating one’s life with the “humane” motive of ending his suffering. In Albania, Belgium, Netherlands, Oregon, Switzerland and Luxembourg are some places where euthanasia or assisted suicide has been legalized. They have the same way of thinking as Jonas’s father. Personally I think that is so incredibly wrong to kill someone just because there old or theres twin. 🙂

  7. He can do it easily because he doesn’t know anything else. That’s what he was assigned to do. They do not feel sorrow as it causes sadness and misery which is unacceptable. Thy think of it as just another ” Day at the office” so to say. It’s what he were taught to do.

  8. Jonas’s father can’t justify the release of the twin so easily because his dad doesn’t really know what death means. Only Jonas and The Giver know true pain. The pain of warfare, hunger and death. Jonas’s dad doesn’t know what death is so he can’t really feel sorry. For him it’s just a job. The pills had eliminated the emotions, that’s why Jonas’s dad doesn’t feel bad. Some places of the world they cut off people arms and legs if they do something bad. Or if they went against there religion they will be killed. That’s the same as this society. In Jonas’ society if someone does something bad 3 times they are released/killed. So some places they kill you if you go against the society. Most of this happens in the Taliban society. If you do anything against you religion executed. Euthanasia happens with terrorist too in a way. They chose to kill others along with themselves. For example Suicide bombing.

  9. Great work Touseef.

  10. I think Jonas father can justify the release easily because he is told to, the entire community are like slaves they are told what to do no matter what and if they don`t they get 3 chances after that they will be released and put to death by legan injection (euthanasia). In the extremely populated areas like China they have the one child term policy and the urban areas. But, Henan the most populated province has more than 97 million residents there, have cleaved(To split with) to the original policy.

  11. Euthanasia means to end a life to relieve something or someone of pain or suffering and Capital Punishment means to be put to death for an offense. So, I would say that Jonas’s father putting the twin to death would relate more to Capital Punishment, as being a twin in their society was similiar to an offense. I think Jonas’s father can justify the release of the twin so easily because, first it was the lighter one of the two. Second, it is just a regular rule in there society to do that. Third, he didn’t get to know the twin so it didn’t effect him as much as it would if it were Gabriel. Finally, it is similiar to Capital Punishment. Some proof from the book is, “‘No, I just have to make the selection. I weigh them, hand the larger over to a Nurturer who’s standing by, waiting, and then I get the smaller one all cleaned up and comfy. Then I perform a small Ceremony of Release and-“.

  12. Jonas father could do what he did because he knows no right or wrong. He doesn’t know pain and happy feelings he does not know killing someone innocent is a serious burden to somebody’s life because the people in the community have no life’s. They are controlled to everything from working- to eating. I believe that if someone is in so much pain they should be able to have an assisted suicide. Number 3 reasons for Euthanasia are 1. Unbearable Pain, 2. The Right to commit Suicide, 3. People should not be forced to live.

  13. Jonas’s father can release one of the twin easily because it’s his job and he has been assigned to do it. I also believe he does the release so easily because there is no pain in the community they have never felt pain, they don’t know what pain is. Euthanasia is not about the right to die. It’s about the right to kill. Euthanasia is not about giving rights to the person who dies but, instead, is about changing the law and public policy so that doctors, relatives and others can directly end another person’s life.

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