Chapter 18 (post 6)

The community would suffer enormously if Jonas left. If Jonas left, all of the memories that he had received in his year of training would be released upon the community. He had received many wondrous and peaceful memories, but with the good memories always came the bad. He had great memories of birthday parties, museums, horses galloping through the fields, and many more. He also had the Giver’s favourite memory of the holiday celebration with the feeling of love. The bad memories he had received consisted of sunburns, broken bones, hunger, and the worst of them all, war. The community would also suffer greatly because he had received so many memories. Before Jonas there was a receiver named Rosemary. She had only five weeks’ worth of memories but couldn’t handle the enormous amount of pain and she mostly had received good ones. Since she couldn’t handle being the new receiver she applied for release and the memories were released upon the community. Those few terrible memories that overwhelmed her were overwhelming the community after her release and the Giver was too devastated at his own grief at her loss to even think to help them. Some proof from the book is, “Rosemary had only those five weeks’ worth, and most of them were good ones. But there were those few terrible memories, the ones that had overwhelmed her.” and “I was so devastated by my own grief at her loss, and my own feeling of failure, that I didn’t even try to help them through it. I was angry, too.”


Chapter 12 (post 4)

I think that people would relinquish the ability to see colour because, that way it makes life more simple. When I say that by relinquishing colour it will be simpler, I mean that decisions will be fewer and easier. Every day we have to pick out an outfit to wear and it has to match. That decision is sometimes frustrating and if colour was totally gone it wouldn’t be, it would be easy to put an outfit together because everything would match. An example from the book is, “If everything’s the same, then there aren’t any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things! A blue tunic, or a red one?”
I think it would solve some bullying problems in our society. People get made fun of for not having matching outfits or not having the latest styles. Although I say that, I wouldn’t want colour taken away, like in “The Giver”, because life would be dull and boring.

Chapter 15 (post 5)

In chapter fifteen the Giver asks Jonas to forgive him because, he had given him the memory of war. One day when Jonas entered the Annex room he realized that he was going to be sent away again, so he told the giver he would go unless there was something he could do for him. The Giver asked Jonas to take some of the pain, so Jonas did. It was very loud and foul-smelling. All around were men lying on the ground groaning with pain. Jonas then laid his eyes on a boy who was begging him for water, but then realized he himself was injured with one of his arms immobilized with pain as the ragged flesh hung by the splintered bone. Jonas gave the boy some water once he got his container open and then the boy’s head fell back and he was silent and he laid still. Jonas just laid there overwhelmed by all the pain and listening to his surroundings of men and animals dieing and cannons and guns going off. Close to death himself Jonas opened his eyes and was still on the bed, when the Giver asked Jonas to forgive him. Some proof from the book is, “The Giver looked up at him, his face contorted with suffering. ‘Please,’ he gasped, ‘take some of the pain.’” and “The boy stared at him. ‘Water,’ he begged again. When he spoke, a new spurt of blood drenched the coarse cloth across his chest and sleeve. One of Jonas’s arms was immobilized with pain, and he could see through his own torn sleeve something that looked like ragged flesh and splintery bone.” Some more proof is, “Finally, when he knew that he could bear it no longer and would welcome death himself, he opened his eyes and was once again on the bed. The Giver looked away, as if he could not bear to see what he had done to Jonas. ‘Forgive me,’ he said.”

chapter 15 :)

Why does the Giver ask Jonas to forgive him?

” Please” he gasped, take some of the pain. The giver was suffering in pain of the memory of warfare and when he gave the memory to Jonas. “…the half-closed eyes of a boy who seemed not much older than himself. Dirt streaked the boy’s face and his matted blond hair. He lay sprawled, his gray uniform glistening with wet, fresh blood. The colors of the carnage were grotesquely bright: the crimson wetness on the rough and dusty fabric, the ripped shred of grass, startlingly green, in the boy’s yellow hair.” Chapter 15, pg. 119.  I believe he thought it wasn’t time yet to give him the memory of such offal thing. “The Giver looked away, as if he could not bear to see what he had done to Jonas. “Forgive me,” he said.” It explains in the next chapter that he took it easy for the next couple of weeks giving him happy memories.

chapter 12 !

Why would people relinquish ( give up) the ability to see colour? How would this improve life in the community? Would this solve any problems in our society?

I believe that when they decided to give up the choice to see colour because if everyone is the same and if people are a different colour it could create the racism problem. Also in cloths, especially in younger children. For example if a boy is wearing pink and gets made fun of it could lead to bigger physiological problems later on. It would take away bulling and racism witch are big issues that a lot of people suffer from today. Yes I do think it would take away a lot of negativity but then again would take away the beautiful expression of art and individuality. “Our people made that choice, the choice to go to Sameness. Before my time, before the previous time, back and back and back. We relinquished color when we relinquished sunshine and did away with difference. We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others.” Chapter 12, pg. 95

CHAPTER 18 post 7 Darsot.

     CHAPTER 18  How and why would the community suffer if Jonas left? Giver specific examples.

               The community would suffer because if Jonas leaves, then all his memories of the outside world and would be past on to the community which could cause hysteria ( fear or panic). In the book on page (145) it tells you there wouldn`t be a new Receiver , and the community wouldn`t know what to do. In the book Rosemary got lost and all of the memories came back to the community, and the community was overwhelmed. “if they lost Jonas,with all the training you`ve had now, they`d have all of those memories against themselves” (community).

chapter 15 the giver post 6 Fahim

              chapter 15. Why did the Giver ask Jonas to forgive him?

      The giver ask`s him to forgive him because he told him about  a horrible scene of war where men, that are little older than he is are lying injured, dying, and thirsty.