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Hey Grade 8′s!!

So here I am, a whole year later, STILL doing homework for Mr. Whattam… Just kidding guys 😉

Mr. Whattam asked if I would be kind and blog about life as a grade 9 so here it is.

My life as a grade 9.

More stairs
and finally
More homework!

I`m just kidding guys, though, those are all big parts of my day!

High school is a LOT like Lincoln but with some major differences. We have two semesters which basically means I have the same classes everyday. No trying to remember what day it is anymore! *fistpump* I can tell you off the top of my head how each of my days go. P1-Tech room 101 P2-Math room 201 P3- Food and Nutrition room 407 LUNCH! P4- Science room 317 and finally P5- MSIP room 205.

yes boys and girls, I got lucky enough to have a class on each and every floor of the school for first semester. Totally makes up for not having gym! 😉

Yeah okay, grade nines are crazy. Get used to it guys, your crazy too. I can promise you, everyone agrees with me.

One of my favourite differences between Lincoln and G.C.I is here at G.C.I. I have a class called MSIP, which I am sitting in right now, typing away on my net book. Because we have WIFI here 😀 MSIP stands for…. ehrm… yeah ask Mr. Whattam. We just call it the much improved version of study hall. We can do any homework we have, we can doodle. You have the choice as long as your quiet. You meet loads of cool people, (MSIP is a mix of every grade) So basically, if I am having issues with my grade 9 math, I can ask a grade 11 who has already done it and understands to help me out. Its a pretty awesome system! And if it so happens that we need another teacher to explain it or want one on one so that the teacher can go more in depth with whatever it is that were not understanding, we are aloud a `travel pass` so we can go and talk to a teacher who can help us out, no more giving up lunches or after school 😀

So, I think that is a pretty detailed mix of how my life at high school is so far. I have NO doubt Mr. Whattam is going to pull this apart and have you guys edit it, I never claimed to be an editor. ;D

Have fun guys, enjoy being the top of the school. Join up and be yourself!

Talk to you kidletts later!



The Giver

Alrighty so this isn’t a chapter post but I have a question I want to expand upon from one of my previous posts,

“Would you rather someone choose who you are to be with for the rest of your life?”The Giver Chapter 5

The responses I got were all of a general consensus that no, they would rather move or die then have someone pick what they would do for the rest of their lives.

The new question I want to pose is;

Do you think you would feel the same if you had grown up without knowing what choice was? Or would you just accept the fact that someone ‘knew what was best’ for you?


The Giver- Chapter 8

List the qualities that Jonas has that qualify him to be the next Reciever

According to the Chief Elder, Jonas has all of the qualities of the Reciever:
(pg.62) ” ‘He has shown all the qualities that a Receiver must have.’ With her hand still firmly on his shoulder , The Chief Elder listed the qualities.

‘Intelligence,’ she said. ‘We are all aware that Jonas has been a top student throughout his school days.

Integrity.’ She said next “Jonas has, like all of us, committed minior transgressions.’ She smi9led at him. ‘We expect that. We hoped, also, that he would present himself promtly for chastiment, and he has always done so.

Courage‘ she went on. ‘Only one of us has ever undergone the rigorous training required of a Receiver. He, of course, is the most important part of the Committee: the current Receiver.

Th fourth essential attribute is wisdom this will come through his training.

Finally the Receiver must have one more capacity that I can only name. The Capacity to See Beyond.

How does Jonas react to his assignment?

For a moment Jonas froze, consumed with despair, ,he didn’t know what that was! Then he looked out to the crowd and it happened again. They changed! ”

Jonas accepts his assignment but is still in despair, “He did not know what the selection meant. He did not know what he was to become. Or what would become of him.”

The Giver- Chapter 5

Why is it important for people to not experience “stirrings”….

In Jonas’s community everything is controlled, from what job you do to what children you get. If the ‘stirrings’ were aloud to go on then the council would lose control over the community, on page 23 Jonas explains to his father how the strongest feeling in his dream was “The wanting, I knew that she wouldn’t. And I think I knew she shouldn’t. But i wanted it so terribly. I could feel the wanting all through me.” The people of the community have never known want, that is the purpose of the Council, to keep their lives in perfect order, so when the ‘stirrings’ come along they have to control it or lose the control they have.

Do you think this means that no one has girlfriends or boyfriends?

I think exactly that, if the Council controls who works where and who gets what child why wouldn’t they control who ‘marries’ who?

How does this make life in the community different?

Without dating or embracing the ‘stirrings’ the people of the community basically lead a life of unknowing celibacy. In our lives the ‘stirrings’ are a sign of growing up (puberty) while in The Giver they are a nuance and need to be controlled.

Would you rather someone choose who you are to be with for the rest of your life?

The Giver- Chapter 3

“How does the council know when someone breaks a rule? What was the purpose of the announcement made on page 23?”

Although it does not striaght out say it, it seems that the council is ‘all knowing’ as in they see all, they are always watching. It could be how you interpret this but to me it seems as if they have cameras that are watched 24/7.

Later in the book Jonas talks about having to ‘report’ something, his mother (unit) says he already has just by saying it.

The purpose of the announcement on page 23 (ATTENTION. THIS IS A REMINDER TO ALL MALE ELEVENS THAT OBJECTS ARE NOT TO BE REMOVED FROM THE RECREATION AREA AND THAT SNACKS ARE TO BE EATEN NOT HORARDED) was aimed at Jonas because while playing catch with his friend Asher, he noticed a change in the apple and snuck it home to look it over and try to understand what it was he had seen.
The apple.
The announcement was just another point of how the council always seems to know what is going on anywhere in the community. How could they know that someone actually took the apple home and did not just eat it unless they have some sort of ‘eyes’ all over the community?

How would you feel knowing that whatever you did someone was watching you, observing to make sure you didn’t break any rules?


Okay so I was talking to a couple of people today and we were discussing fighting with our parents. Some people say its normal when your growing up and at a certain stage you just want them to go away (being a teenager) But other people said that they couldn’t imagine anything like that. What’s your opinion? Is fighting a natural part of growing up? Or is it something triggered by the way you were raised?

I found this site that is supposed to be for your parents but I think we could benefit from it as well, I also found this site that I think is truly accurate and also this teenadvice

it has some interesting advice.

For the girls in our class (and no I am not being sexist boys go ahead and look, I just found this site) This is supposed to help for the making of “fair fighting”

what do you think?


How many of you have actually had a night off of the computer in the last week?

This is the point in a conversation where most teenagers would look at you as if you were insane. But seriously how long has it been since you have had a night with absolutly NO technology? And when I say none I mean no cell phone no TV no computer, nothing?

I had one of those nights, actually a few of them, this week because I am staying at my grandparents and the internet is not the best but, the thing is, its actually really refreshing to take a break.

Most of you are probably looking at this post thinking SERIOUSLY??? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? But I challenge you take one night off, seriously post after one night off and let me know how it went for you!