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Chapter 19

 Why can Jonas’s father justify  the release of the twin so easily? Compare this society to others argument for capital punishment and euthanasia.


The Joy in Canada- “The Giver”

The things we like about Canada

The things we think are awesomely super about Canada

The Pain within Canada

Things We want to Change

The Things we wish we could change in Canada

Is there a perfect society?

 Response journals topics can be found in the downloads in our class website.  You have a hard copy.

Remember to included the chapter number in the title of your post. One post and one comment is required for every three chapters.



Who do you think will be the main character of ‘The Giver”? What do you learn about him  in this Chapter 1?

Chapter 2

Describe the community in which Jonas lives. What would you enjoy about living there?What aspects of the community could you not live with?

Chapter 3 

How does the council know when someone breaks a rule? What was the purpose of the announcements made on page 23?

Graphic Novels

Since most of the comic books that have been submitted are high in colour and artistic content but low in storytelling, I question the need to repeat this unit and the entire genre.  Is there value for you as a writer/ reader? Is it too difficult to develop complex plot, theme, and conflict within the pages of graphic novels? Do you feel challenged or insulted by this genre? Some people feel they add to the “dumbing down of society”. Others feel one month out of the year away from typical elements of literature in standard genres is a  breath of fresh air away from the stale,  typical sections of our libraries. Using your graphic organizer, defend the graphic novel genre or add to my bias against it and retire the graphic novel from room 18 once and for all.

Rumble Fish

” Rumble Fish. They would kill each other if they could”.” If  you leaned a mirror against the bowl they’d kill themselves fighting their own reflection” page 111

These quotes are metaphors for Rusty James’ relationship with his brother and the way both live their lives. Explain using examples from the book.

Who are you in “The Outsiders”?

Which character are you most like from The Outsiders? Explain using qudle and evidence from the novel.

Mr. Whattam as Darry? I would even shave.