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The Giver Chapter- 20 & 23

Chapter 20-
The giver encourages Jonas to leave because he realizes after many years of following the rules of the community. “Having you here with me over the past year has made me realize that things need to change.” The giver wants things to change. He feels that Jonas can help the community be releasing all the memories. The giver won’t go with Jonas because he says “Together we take away all their protection from the memoires the community will be left with no one to help them, they will be thrown into chaos they will destroy themselves.” If he leaves the memoires will be released and the community and the community will be turned into turmoil.

I actually think the ending has a disappointing and confusing ending. I didn’t know what was going ot happen but not that. I was confused about the music playing at the end, it seemed like it was just a memory that the giver had given him before his time to die, (music). She left it on a whim to have another book and I don’t know whether she does have another book. It’s a very, VERY confusing ending.


The Giver-Chapter 16 & 17

Chapter 16-
Jonas’s reaction to love is he says he feels very foolish saying it. Then Jonas Thought about the feeling of love and how the family was complete with grandparents and he says he likes love. When he asks if his parents love him, His parents rephrase his sentence fore him. They say that he didn’t phrase it right, They actually laughed when he asked ! They said why use a word so meaningless they ask they give other suitable question to ask.

Chapter 17-
Jonas’s reaction to his friend’s game was his was in tears. He remembered the memory that the giver had given him earlier on that week, about war. When his friends were playing with pretend guns he remembered the boy who wanted water so badly and looking down to see the bone in his arm. He felt overwhelmed over the fact that they didn’t know anything about what they were doing. The decision he knows with certainty is that he could change nothing. Jonas knows he will never be able to get his childhood life back. Jonas knew that he couldn’t give Fiona and Asher the memories so they could not love back and that’s one thing he knew he couldn’t change.

The Giver- Chapter 13 & 15

Chapter 13-
Safer is better in Jonas’s community. They do not let anyone decide what they want to do, be. They think if you screw up then it’s in the counsel’s hands. It’s not your fault its there’s. Choosing your own name could lead to you not liking it, then again having your name chosen you may not like it either. Wrong choices are not a part of their community. Wrong = upset and disappointment.

Chapter 15-The Giver has to apologize to Jonas because he has probably just passed on the most horrific memory. War is an awful thing and the giver had to say sorry for giving such and awful memory so close to the begging of their training.

The Giver-Chapter 10 & 12

Chapter 10-
a) The three books in every households are a dictionary, a book explaining all of the buildings in Jonas’s community, ex. office, factory, and a book of rules.
b) I cannot imagine a world without books! without them we wouldn’t be doing this book report! But besides from that I love books, when you get into them it feels like you’re in a hole different world, it takes you away from things around you to just be a part of someone else’s life that day. I don’t know what book I couldn’t live without, I read a lot of books but only once, I can’t read them again, I find it boring. I would have to say Series of Unfortunate Events or Twilight as they were a great read.

Chapter 12-
People in Jonas’s community give up coulor because the committee of elders feels when you give something coulor, you give something personality. Personality causes difference. Difference between people in Jonas’s community is a bad thing. If someone is different someone else may have strong feelings for them causing love, Love can end good or it can end bad, whichever one coulor as they see it is bad.

Giver- Chapter 4 & 6-revamped.

Chapter 4-
We have learned some new rules in the community in chapter 4. One of the rules is you have to participate in voluteer hours, You start them at year 8 and end them at age 12. Jonas looked at them as a luxery, hours of freedom to choose what you want to volunteer. Another rule we learn is that it is not permitted to look at somebody naked only if they are a newborn or a elder. Looking at somebody naked may lead to love which shows compassion which may lead to upset if they break their heart.

Chapter 6-
I think that releasing somebody in Jonas’s community means giving them up to the gods for somebody else to take them. They sacrafice people like mayan’s did. Relasing them is like what we do here we have a celebration of their life its like a funeral. Some people like to think the persons gone to heaven, Thats what I think Jonas is talking about when he says “who joined another community?” to them its like joining another community.

Giver- Chapter 8 & 9

Chapter 8-
Jonas’s qualitys that quilfy him to be the new ‘Giver’ is- intelligence, integrity, courage, and capacity to see beyond. Jonas reacts at first ashmed to look at his parents because the elder had skipped him for some reason and he dosnt know why. “Now was the moment when he would have to confess, to say, no I dont, I can’t and throw himself on their mercy ask for their forgiveness to explain that he had been wrongly chosen that he was not right at all!” After the crowed chanted Jonas Jonas JONAS! His heart filled with gratitude and pride, but at the same time he was filled with fear.

Chapter 9-
Jonas was stunned at his new rules. He is upset about how much time he has to spend on his new job he explains that he has no time for recreation. He was startled by the rudness rule but he read it again and relized that it just gave him the option to be rude. Jonas is so used ot the courtsey of treating everyone the same he dont think he would use the rudeness rule. Jonas’s rules are just basicly about keeping his training a secret and using ‘rudeness’ and lies to decide the future.

Report Cards.

I agree with the Woman, Report Cards are quite important. Though to pass, it’s not at least a 70%, itsnt it 55%? Today in school, when you apply to university you must have top top marks like in 80’s or 90’s. Of course they don’t want some underachiver, but they could consider a 70. The whole point of going to school is to do well, or else whats the point of going to school it’s just a waste of our time. Getting marked tells you where you are, whether your understanding it or not. Bottom line marks are good, but maybe were stressing over them a bit too much.Comic!