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Chapter 22-23 last post. #8

Do you think the story has a happy or sad ending? Explain your feelings.

I really don`t know I think the ending is ambiguous meaning the reader has to make his own iinterperation on what happens at the end. But, if I had to choose one it would be happy ending. I believe that it would be happy because Jonas and Gabe escape to0 “Elsewhere” and they were also reunited with the memories of snow, light and sleds that the Giver gave him, also with the memories of music, peace, joy, and freedom and they find a better place. all in all I believe that it`s a happy ending but thats my opinion. You guys should read the second book “Memories of the blue” it says the awnser atleast that is what I heard from my brother ( I don`t trust him). Also, it makes you kind of make your own ending.


CHAPTER 18 post 7 Darsot.

     CHAPTER 18  How and why would the community suffer if Jonas left? Giver specific examples.

               The community would suffer because if Jonas leaves, then all his memories of the outside world and would be past on to the community which could cause hysteria ( fear or panic). In the book on page (145) it tells you there wouldn`t be a new Receiver , and the community wouldn`t know what to do. In the book Rosemary got lost and all of the memories came back to the community, and the community was overwhelmed. “if they lost Jonas,with all the training you`ve had now, they`d have all of those memories against themselves” (community).

chapter 15 the giver post 6 Fahim

              chapter 15. Why did the Giver ask Jonas to forgive him?

      The giver ask`s him to forgive him because he told him about  a horrible scene of war where men, that are little older than he is are lying injured, dying, and thirsty.


Each dwelling in the community had only three reference books . Jonas”… had never known that other books existed .”

A) What were these three books? The three books were The one about the law/ rules, Dictionaries and the book describing offices ,factories and other buildings.

B) Can you imagine a world without books?

Actually I can’t imagine a world without books because I like reading some books but I hate those extremely long books because I never have the time to read, but if a world did not have books where would we get information from. Also, people would not be smart which would lead to more problems like bad grades. Lastly, what would people do on their spare time.

Chapter 7 The Giver. Post number three. By Fahim.

What has happend at the ceremony of twelve? The ceremony of twelve begins. What happened was that it was time to receive the assighnments every children had an assihned number which was showing the order in which everybody was born. Next it was Asher`s turn and he was assighned as an Assistant Director of Recreation. Then Jonas was watching as the Elevens before him were given assighnments that suit them and please them from Chief Elder. Before it was Jonas turn he took a deep breath and smoothed his hair with his hand. “Twenty”, Jonas heard her voice say clearly. Then Jonas was skipped an moment which shocked him and the rest of the community( Crowd). There was a sudden hush in the crowd.

Why do you think this has happened? I think this happpend because , well there is two reasons , 1 there might be a mistake or 2 Jonas didn`t complete his voluntary hours that were required to do. Or because he was already the receiver.

Chapter 4 “The Giver”.

What i have learned about life in the community is that people are ordered and told what to do in his community Also, what to wear and how to interact with others for the rest of their life unitl they die, Also every person is assighned a role in the community. The receiver of the memory is the only person who is able to live the true pleasure of life. Next, Jonas gets elected as the receiver of the memory and meets the Giver his life changed. The Giver will train Jonas how to become the next Giver. The end by darsot. 🙂

Harper visits Golden Temple to close India trip.

Steven Harper spent the last few days meeting the India Government in an effort to boost trade relations between Canada and India.Those trades talks about include a discussion about a nuclear equipment to India.In Ottawa on Tuesday the,NDP and bloc Quebecois Assailed the Harper Government for making plans ahead to sell nuclear technology to India.Harpers trip to India also let him to see Temples and meet some Bollywood actors.and also talk to lots of famous people in India

your words?