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Chapter 23, The End

I don’t think that the ending of “The Giver” was a very good one since we don’t know what really happened to Jonas or Gabe since the book just ends with him sliding down a hill. Sure it leaves it open to whatever you want to happen, if you wanted them to live you could think that he actually Heard the Beyond, or you could think that they both didn’t have the strength to go on and they died. Either way I wasn’t very impressed with the ending.


Chapter 5 of “The Giver”

I think that it is not very good to not feel the Stirring feelings since you would have more feelings for one certain person and you wouldn’t be able to have a good life unless you are not assigned to that person as a mate. This will make life in the community different since you would not be able to be with the certain person that you would want to.

Racist Comercials

(This is from Flumesday) Terrorist Volkswagon!

The #1 Most Racist Commercial is this ad for the Volkswagen Polo. And I must admit, while this ad reinforces all sorts of hateful stereotypes toward the world’s Arab population, it is kind of a clever ad. The terrorist, who is strapped with explosives, drives his new cute little Polo to a restaurant. While inside the car, the terrorist detonates the bomb. However, the “small but tough” VW Polo remains totally in-tact. Horribly racist, somewhat amusing. This commercial was either banned before it aired or is a fake. Either way it’s funny.

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Jim Gaffigan” alt=”Its Jim Gaffigan!!!!!” />
My brother showed me this comedian the other day and there was this one video of hot pockets. I thought it was the Funniest thing I had ever seen. We showed my whole family and they loved it. I would like to know what your favorite comedian is and why.

Vancouver 2010!!!!!

       The cymbol of The winter Olympics          

I was watching t.v. this morning and a commercial of these two ice skaters who say that they believe that they can win in their own country. That got me really excited to watch them finally get a gold medal in our own country. GO CANADA!!!!!!

Superman 3

In this movie Superman (Christopher Reeve) Has to stop Ross Webster (Robert Vaughn) from changing a weather satelite into a machin that can generate weather at the press of the button. His accomplis Gus Gormon (Richard Pryor) is doing all the work since he is Ross’ most trusted employee. will they get the weather sattelite turned into a weather generator or will superman stop them? Watch themovie to find out.

I would not watch this movie if you dont like older movies and a little cheesey movies but if you like classic old school movies this would be a great movie for you