Chapter 22-23 last post. #8

Do you think the story has a happy or sad ending? Explain your feelings.

I really don`t know I think the ending is ambiguous meaning the reader has to make his own iinterperation on what happens at the end. But, if I had to choose one it would be happy ending. I believe that it would be happy because Jonas and Gabe escape to0 “Elsewhere” and they were also reunited with the memories of snow, light and sleds that the Giver gave him, also with the memories of music, peace, joy, and freedom and they find a better place. all in all I believe that it`s a happy ending but thats my opinion. You guys should read the second book “Memories of the blue” it says the awnser atleast that is what I heard from my brother ( I don`t trust him). Also, it makes you kind of make your own ending.


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