chapter 16! post 7 :)

Discuss Jonas reaction to the experience of love and what happened when he asked his parents about love.

The first time he experienced love was when the giver gave him the memory of the family and the kids under the tree with present.  Even though it didn’t say specifically that it was Christmas it led you to understand that it was. When he first got the memory he was confused about the grandparents because in his community there all together being taken care of not with their family. He was confused but he knew that he loved the feeling. Later when he got home at dinner time he asked him parents.” He made himself say the words, though he felt flushed with embarrassment.  He had rehearsed them in his mind all the way home from the Annex. Do you love me?”  Then Jonas mom started to explain to him that it was a “generalized word, Meaningless” even though Jonas knew that statement was very incorrect.  Jonas father said that he” enjoys him and that he takes pride in his accomplishment.” But love is an inappropriate word. He said he understood but he lied.


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  1. I type my posts in pages so that the computer catches my mistakes. There were only a few though, overall it was a good answer to the question. Great job!

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