Chapter 20 (post 7)

The Giver encourages Jonas to leave so that the community can bear the burden of memories themselves instead of the receiver alone. Also, the Giver thinks the community will gain wisdom from the memories, like all of the receivers have. The only part of the Giver’s plan that scared Jonas is not being able to come back. He begged the Receiver to go with him so at least they could have each other, but the Giver refused. The Giver explained to him that after Rosemary’s release the few memories she had overwhelmed the community and that they panicked. With all the memories Jonas held, it would be hard for them to bear the pain and misery. The Giver then reminded Jonas of how he needed him when he first started his training and Jonas knew that, but he still wanted the Giver to come with him. Jonas even told the Giver that they didn’t need to care about the community, but they both knew they did. The Giver told him that even if he did go he wouldn’t make because he is too weak. Some quotes from the book are, “‘I think that they can, and that they will acquire some wisdom. But it will be desperately hard for them. When we lost Rosemary ten years ago, and her memories returned to the people, they panicked. And those were such few memories, compared to yours. When your memories return, they’ll need help. Remember how I helped you in the beginning, when the receiving of memories was new to you?’” and “‘Giver,’ Jonas suggested, ‘you and I don’t need to care about the rest of them.’”


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