Chapter 18 (post 6)

The community would suffer enormously if Jonas left. If Jonas left, all of the memories that he had received in his year of training would be released upon the community. He had received many wondrous and peaceful memories, but with the good memories always came the bad. He had great memories of birthday parties, museums, horses galloping through the fields, and many more. He also had the Giver’s favourite memory of the holiday celebration with the feeling of love. The bad memories he had received consisted of sunburns, broken bones, hunger, and the worst of them all, war. The community would also suffer greatly because he had received so many memories. Before Jonas there was a receiver named Rosemary. She had only five weeks’ worth of memories but couldn’t handle the enormous amount of pain and she mostly had received good ones. Since she couldn’t handle being the new receiver she applied for release and the memories were released upon the community. Those few terrible memories that overwhelmed her were overwhelming the community after her release and the Giver was too devastated at his own grief at her loss to even think to help them. Some proof from the book is, “Rosemary had only those five weeks’ worth, and most of them were good ones. But there were those few terrible memories, the ones that had overwhelmed her.” and “I was so devastated by my own grief at her loss, and my own feeling of failure, that I didn’t even try to help them through it. I was angry, too.”


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