chapter 15 :)

Why does the Giver ask Jonas to forgive him?

” Please” he gasped, take some of the pain. The giver was suffering in pain of the memory of warfare and when he gave the memory to Jonas. “…the half-closed eyes of a boy who seemed not much older than himself. Dirt streaked the boy’s face and his matted blond hair. He lay sprawled, his gray uniform glistening with wet, fresh blood. The colors of the carnage were grotesquely bright: the crimson wetness on the rough and dusty fabric, the ripped shred of grass, startlingly green, in the boy’s yellow hair.” Chapter 15, pg. 119.  I believe he thought it wasn’t time yet to give him the memory of such offal thing. “The Giver looked away, as if he could not bear to see what he had done to Jonas. “Forgive me,” he said.” It explains in the next chapter that he took it easy for the next couple of weeks giving him happy memories.


One response to “chapter 15 :)

  1. I think that the reason that the giver is not taken the pain is because he has had the pain of the memories of war and fighting but he also had the memories of christmas and birthdays so he will not take the pain back for him to suffer for the rest of his days

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