Chapter 9 (post 3)

Jonas is very concerned about some of the new rules he got for his assignment of receiver. He was first scared about the thought of being exempted from rudeness, but then he realized that he didn’t have to be rude, he just had the choice to be. Two quotes to back this up are, “The exemption from rudeness startled him.” and Reading it again, however, he realized that it didn’t compel him to be rude; it simply allowed him the option.” Then he wasn’t that worried about dream telling, because he doesn’t usually dream, but then he wondered, what if he did dream. Would he just say he didn’t that night? That final rule of being able to lie is what made him uneasy. A couple sentences from a paragraph to back this up are, “What if he did dream – should he simply tell his family unit, as he did so often, anyway, that he hadn’t? That would be a lie. Still, the final rule said … well he wasn’t quite ready to think about the final rule on the page.” Also, he could not think about being restricted of medication. What if he crushed his finger again? Again, after rereading the rules he realized that it was only pain related to his training he was not allowed. That still made him worried though, because he remembered the Chief Elder telling him about the great amount of pain he would go through. Some quotes to back up this up are, “The restriction of medication unnerved him.”, “Re-reading rule number 6, he realized that a crushed finger fell into the category of ‘unrelated to training.’”, and “But he remembered uneasily what the Chief Elder had said about the pain that would come with his training. She had called it indescribable.” The seventh rule didn’t bother him at all, because he never even thought about applying for release. A quote to prove this is, “It had never occurred to him that under any circumstances, ever, he might apply for release.” Last but not least, he looked at his final rule on his list and thought maybe everyone was told that they were allowed to lie. Finally quotes to back this up are, “Finally he steeled himself to read the final rule again.” and “What if others – adults – had, upon becoming Twelves, received in their instructions the same terrifying sentence.”


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