Chapter 18 Touseef #6

The community would suffer if Jonas left because all the memories would go back to the community. The community has chosen a receiver for a reason. To hold the memories. That gives them knowledge and wisdom they can use to know what to do when they come to a situation they haven’t been at before. Jonas holds plenty of memories. Pains and joys. Like Jonas when he received the memories it didn’t make much sense to him. The Giver helped him out and eased his pain. If the whole community gets the memories back they’ll all be in pain. They wouldn’t know what to do. Also,  since the Giver gave most of the memories to Jonas he wouldn’t be able to help them out much. The community never experienced warfare so when they get the memory back they’ll be so overwhelmed by it and become depressed. They’re not going to get help like Jonas did from the Giver. Eventually the whole community will learn how to cope with the memories.


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