Chapter 14 Touseef #5

There isn’t pain in Jonas’s community because they had chosen not to experience it. They chose to eliminate all the pain in life but with eliminating pain they had to eliminate the joys. There would be no pain of warfare, hunger,  and death but their won’t also be the joys of love. I think this is not a good idea. No pain is a great thing, but it’s not worth giving up all the joys in our life. The community is too scared. The pain overwhelms the joy so they decide not to have any. This is a bad idea because I think to enjoy something you have to risk something. For example the time when Jonas received the memory of the holiday. The joy was the unwrapping of the presents. Enjoying the evening with your family. The pain was only the risk of fire by the candles. The community gives up the specific holiday just because the risk of fire seems like a bad idea.


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