Chapter 12 Touseef #4

People would relinquish the ability to see colour because they made a decision long, long time ago to go with sameness. Which means people could see no colour. An apple that’s red would remain black and white to them. This would improve life in the community by eliminating racism. There wouldn’t be problems of certain race of people making fun of the other kind. There won’t be groups of people that only hang around with their colour. Since everyone is the same colour, everyone will be one big group. This method would solve the major problems in our society, but it’ll make us lose diversity and individuality. Like Jonas said one time, he wished there would be colour so he could wake up in the morning and decide which colour tunic to wear. Life would be very bland and you wouldn’t be able to express yourself. When your sad or depressed you would feel like wearing dark clothes. On the other hand when your happy you would wear bright clothes. Personally I think colours should be brought back to the community. It would make life much more interesting.


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