The Giver-Chapter 16 & 17

Chapter 16-
Jonas’s reaction to love is he says he feels very foolish saying it. Then Jonas Thought about the feeling of love and how the family was complete with grandparents and he says he likes love. When he asks if his parents love him, His parents rephrase his sentence fore him. They say that he didn’t phrase it right, They actually laughed when he asked ! They said why use a word so meaningless they ask they give other suitable question to ask.

Chapter 17-
Jonas’s reaction to his friend’s game was his was in tears. He remembered the memory that the giver had given him earlier on that week, about war. When his friends were playing with pretend guns he remembered the boy who wanted water so badly and looking down to see the bone in his arm. He felt overwhelmed over the fact that they didn’t know anything about what they were doing. The decision he knows with certainty is that he could change nothing. Jonas knows he will never be able to get his childhood life back. Jonas knew that he couldn’t give Fiona and Asher the memories so they could not love back and that’s one thing he knew he couldn’t change.


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