The Giver- Chapter 13 & 15

Chapter 13-
Safer is better in Jonas’s community. They do not let anyone decide what they want to do, be. They think if you screw up then it’s in the counsel’s hands. It’s not your fault its there’s. Choosing your own name could lead to you not liking it, then again having your name chosen you may not like it either. Wrong choices are not a part of their community. Wrong = upset and disappointment.

Chapter 15-The Giver has to apologize to Jonas because he has probably just passed on the most horrific memory. War is an awful thing and the giver had to say sorry for giving such and awful memory so close to the begging of their training.


One response to “The Giver- Chapter 13 & 15

  1. Chapter 13

    I agree with you Ellie. Imagine if the person had to pick their own job instead of the elders. They might be bad at it and may get fired. This would lead to unemployment then frustration and would cause problem in the community.

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