The Giver-Chapter 10 & 12

Chapter 10-
a) The three books in every households are a dictionary, a book explaining all of the buildings in Jonas’s community, ex. office, factory, and a book of rules.
b) I cannot imagine a world without books! without them we wouldn’t be doing this book report! But besides from that I love books, when you get into them it feels like you’re in a hole different world, it takes you away from things around you to just be a part of someone else’s life that day. I don’t know what book I couldn’t live without, I read a lot of books but only once, I can’t read them again, I find it boring. I would have to say Series of Unfortunate Events or Twilight as they were a great read.

Chapter 12-
People in Jonas’s community give up coulor because the committee of elders feels when you give something coulor, you give something personality. Personality causes difference. Difference between people in Jonas’s community is a bad thing. If someone is different someone else may have strong feelings for them causing love, Love can end good or it can end bad, whichever one coulor as they see it is bad.


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