The Giver (Jiver) chapter 8

In my opinion I think if Jonas could be the receiver of memory so could almost every other 11 going on 12. Sure he has the qualities (Intelligence, Integrity, Courage, Wisdom, and the Capacity to see Beyond) but every one of the children in their society are supposed to be created equal. I mean they give, teach, nurture, and shape each one the same way. Basically they attempt to create the ideal human life form. So overall they may have taken his name from a hat randomly over others, no one can be sure. Though in a society of differences the new receiver could easily be narrowed down through personality filters and then choose. But Jonas is a little smarter and notices little things (such as the apple turning red, it was kind of like the omen of his future). Ahm, this has become off topic. Jonas reacts with shock because he is chosen over so many other peers of his. Those are my answers.


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