Giver- Chapter 4 & 6-revamped.

Chapter 4-
We have learned some new rules in the community in chapter 4. One of the rules is you have to participate in voluteer hours, You start them at year 8 and end them at age 12. Jonas looked at them as a luxery, hours of freedom to choose what you want to volunteer. Another rule we learn is that it is not permitted to look at somebody naked only if they are a newborn or a elder. Looking at somebody naked may lead to love which shows compassion which may lead to upset if they break their heart.

Chapter 6-
I think that releasing somebody in Jonas’s community means giving them up to the gods for somebody else to take them. They sacrafice people like mayan’s did. Relasing them is like what we do here we have a celebration of their life its like a funeral. Some people like to think the persons gone to heaven, Thats what I think Jonas is talking about when he says “who joined another community?” to them its like joining another community.


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