Why is Jonas concerned about some of his new rules? Give specific evidence from the story that tells you this. Jonas is concerned especially about the “You May Lie” rule, because him and everyone else in his society, from birth, was taught not to lie but, then he contemplates if anyone else in his society was told that they were aloud to lie. He then wonders if that he was all that special himself.


4 responses to “Chapter9

  1. Even though he is a little nervous do you think that he is a bit happy as well that he doesn’t always have to share his feeling and dreams all the time?

  2. Im just wondering but why did you write about that specific rule ? Do you think maybe he was a little worried to hear about any others and what the Receiver really ment ?

  3. ^ ” he knew he has to tell it all. So he forced himself to relate the part that made him uneasy”

  4. But, wouldn’t Jonas be concerned to other that just that one rule?

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