Chapter 8 Post 3!

Jonas was really surprised when he heard that he was going to be the next Receiver . The qualities that Jonas has that qualifies him as the next Receiver were,
“ Jonas was identified as a possible Receiver many years ago. There were no dreams of uncertainty.”
“ He has shown all the qualities that a Receiver must have.”
“Intelligence, We are all aware that Jonas has been a top student throughout his school days. Integrity, Jonas has, like all of us, committed minor transgressions. Courage, only one of us here today has ever undergone the rigorous training required of a Receiver. He of course, is the most important member of the committee.”


4 responses to “Chapter 8 Post 3!

  1. Do you think you know enough about Jonas to decide wether you think he should be the reciver?

  2. Well I think we do, because after all the Elders of the Committee decided and they do there best to pick the right Assignment for them.

  3. I find that he will make a great giver because he has felt pain and seen colour if i was him i would stay there and take all of the pain that i can take 🙂

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