Chapter 7.

At the ceremony of twelve you get your assignments, I think its that the people believe that by the time your twelve you should mature enough to start working. Also I think there trying to prepare you in a way where when you fully start that job you will be prepared and know what to do. But jonas wasn’t assigned a job to start volunteering he was selected, “Jonas has not been assigned, Jonas has been selected”. Jonas was selected to be the memory receiver and to be the memory receiver means  you get all of the memories and feelings of things that have happened before his community changed. Jonas also has a gift of seeing the color red, he’s the odd one out but its a good odd.


2 responses to “Chapter 7.

  1. I dont think this is chapter 7. he acually relizes that he is skipped and the choosen one in chapter 8.

  2. Yea I agree with Lorenaavidall.

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