Chapter 7 Touseef Post #3

The ceremony of twelve started out like the usual. The ones were first, and given to their family unit. Jonas saw his dad the nurturer taking care of one of the new-children.  The twos passed then the threes and on. With each year Jonas’ anxiety grew. He still didn’t know what occupation he would get. He knew about others like Fiona and Asher but didn’t have a clue about himself. He saw Lily in the ceremony. Jonas saw Lily receive her new jacket with pockets to show she was mature enough to keep track of her belongings. The time had arrived and all the elevens including Jonas lined up by the stage in the order of their birth number. Jonas was nineteenth. He sat and watched waiting for his turn. He saw someone become birthmother. Fiona became a nurturer. The old woman had talked about Asher for a length of time and finally gave him the occupation of Assistant Director of the Recreation Area. When it was finally Jonas’ number they didn’t call him. Instead they had skipped him and moved from 18th to 20th. Jonas turned frightened. There were all sorts of questions in his mind. Why’d they skip him? Did the committee make a mistake? They never make a mistake.. Finally when everyone was done, they had called up Jonas’.”I have caused you anxiety, I apologize to my community.” The crowd accepted her apology. The woman talks about how ten years ago the same thing had happened . How they had chosen a new receiver but that turned out a fail. And the giver was getting old so they had chose a new one fast. Jonas receives his occupation with great honor. The crowd chants his name in unison accepting his part in society. This happened because choosing a new receiver is very, very rare.


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