Chapter 7 The Giver. Post number three. By Fahim.

What has happend at the ceremony of twelve? The ceremony of twelve begins. What happened was that it was time to receive the assighnments every children had an assihned number which was showing the order in which everybody was born. Next it was Asher`s turn and he was assighned as an Assistant Director of Recreation. Then Jonas was watching as the Elevens before him were given assighnments that suit them and please them from Chief Elder. Before it was Jonas turn he took a deep breath and smoothed his hair with his hand. “Twenty”, Jonas heard her voice say clearly. Then Jonas was skipped an moment which shocked him and the rest of the community( Crowd). There was a sudden hush in the crowd.

Why do you think this has happened? I think this happpend because , well there is two reasons , 1 there might be a mistake or 2 Jonas didn`t complete his voluntary hours that were required to do. Or because he was already the receiver.


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