Chapter 7! (:

The ceremony of the 12, Asher got his assignment that he wanted and Fiona got the assignment she wanted, but yet again Jonas is the different one, the odd one out. Jonas gets really nerves right before he goes on and than it comes his turn and they skipped him! Jonas was very disappointed and couldn’t believe that they missed him. So he went up to the announcer and told her the all the grief she had caused him. Than she apologized and made an announcement and told the whole community that Jonas was the new “receiver.” Jonas had no idea what it was but he went along with it.
I think this happened because Jonas is different he can see things other people don’t, he can feel things that other people don’t feel. He had to get this job or he might be one of those people that get released for doing wrong in the community, but now that he is the receiver he cannot get sent away from the community Jonas and the Giver (:


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