Chapter 10 post 4

Each dwelling in the community had only three reference books. Jonas “had never known that other books existed.” A) what were these 3 books? B) Can you imagine a world without books? Which books would you miss the most?

A) The three reference books in Each dwelling in the community were, a dictionary, a book describing the offices factories and other buildings called “The community Volume” and The Book of Rules.

B) I can not imagine a work without books, because that is where we get most of our vocabulary and knowledge from, except for Mr. Whattam who ALWAYS likes to use very greatly unrecognized words that most of us do not know. The book that i would miss the most at this point in time would be “The Giver” because it is starting to get really interesting. There are probably many other books that you all love or hate even so please, tell me what books you like or hate( The twilight series does not count as a book)


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