The Giver : Chapter 5

I think it is important for people not to experience “stirrings” because if they fall in love then get heart broken it causes anger which could cause war and fights which has never happened in Jonas’s Community. I do think this means no girlfriends or boyfriends. Because without love you wouldn’t be able to feel for someone or have your heart broken. You would have no emotions attracting you to a certain someone. It makes life different in the community because if you have no feelings for someone you can’t hate them or love them. There would be no fights or relationships. You’d be set up with someone and if you didn’t like them you’d ask to be released. Without feelings life would be completely different to those who have felt it, but to those who haven’t and never will it’s something you must get used to and live with the fact that your spouse will always be chosen for you.


2 responses to “The Giver : Chapter 5

  1. Can elaborate on how break ups would cause war and fights? I think they will cause fights. Some jerks might beat up or kill the girls boyfriend because they can’t get her. This now creates anger in friends so now there would be gang fights. If you continue the chain in time there would be alot of bloodshed.

  2. I actually do agree with you, kind of, because ; if they don’t experience ” stirrings ” they won’t get to see how life is, or know what feelings and love or pain is like. If fights started because they broke up , then that would be normal, because in Jonas’ community , they don’t cause any problems, but all in all, really good job. ! (:

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