“The Giver”-chapter 1


Chapter 1

I think the main character in the book, “The Giver,” will be Jonas. I think he is the main character because, he talks the most out of all the characters. Also, when the narrator is speaking, the story is being told from his point of view. For example, “Jonas was careful about language.” and “Looking through the front window, he had seen no people: none of the busy afternoon crew of Street Cleaners, Landscape Workers, and Food Delivery people who usually populated the community at that time of day.” 

In chapter one I learnt that he is a very verbose person. He is very precise with his language as well. While choosing his word to describe how he felt that day, Jonas was going to use frightened but knew that wasn’t the right word so he thought about it. In time for the “feeling” ritual at dinner he concluded that the correct word would be apprehensive. He felt apprehensive about “The Ceremony of Twelve” in December. “‘I’m feeling apprehensive,’ he confessed, glad that the appropriate descriptive word had finally come to him.”


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