Chapter 5; ” The Giver “

Why is it important for people not to experience “stirrings” ?
Everything is controlled by the community, and they could go to the council, but everyone would loser control.  Jonas, while he was telling his dream to his “family” it was his strongest feeling . ” The wanting ” Jonas knew she shouldn’t but he wanted her too. Once all these ” stirrings”  start happening in the community, everyone could control it, or lose control.

Do you think this means there is no girlfriends or boyfriends ?
I think, if they can’t have any feelings for other people, that they are not chosen to be with, like why would they choose who you marry & how many kids ?

How does this make life in the community different ?
With the council running the whole community ,  the people don’t get to do what they want to. Everyone will have a boring life, & not experience anything like the stirrings. With people that have these ” stirrings ” is what life is about.



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