The Giver- Chapter 8

List the qualities that Jonas has that qualify him to be the next Reciever

According to the Chief Elder, Jonas has all of the qualities of the Reciever:
(pg.62) ” ‘He has shown all the qualities that a Receiver must have.’ With her hand still firmly on his shoulder , The Chief Elder listed the qualities.

‘Intelligence,’ she said. ‘We are all aware that Jonas has been a top student throughout his school days.

Integrity.’ She said next “Jonas has, like all of us, committed minior transgressions.’ She smi9led at him. ‘We expect that. We hoped, also, that he would present himself promtly for chastiment, and he has always done so.

Courage‘ she went on. ‘Only one of us has ever undergone the rigorous training required of a Receiver. He, of course, is the most important part of the Committee: the current Receiver.

Th fourth essential attribute is wisdom this will come through his training.

Finally the Receiver must have one more capacity that I can only name. The Capacity to See Beyond.

How does Jonas react to his assignment?

For a moment Jonas froze, consumed with despair, ,he didn’t know what that was! Then he looked out to the crowd and it happened again. They changed! ”

Jonas accepts his assignment but is still in despair, “He did not know what the selection meant. He did not know what he was to become. Or what would become of him.”


12 responses to “The Giver- Chapter 8

  1. I love the graphics in this post . It relates so much to that chapter. Nicely done Syd.

  2. Wow, nice job you like covered all the details!

    • Thank you Hafsa! I used the quotes from the book because I felt that it explained the qualities, why Jonas has them and what makes him an ideal candidate for the position of The Receiver (:

  3. I liked how you used the quotes from the book. It explained details and gave you more of an idea what was going through Jonas’ head during his “selection”. Nice job Syd. 🙂

  4. Try and incorporate how you thought Jonas felt when he was selected to be the giver as well as quotes from the book, I liked the graphic! Good job!

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