The Giver chapter 6

     To me the “release” is kind of like a retirement method for the elderly who can no longer aid society. Though what really happens after someone is “released” is still truly unknown. I assume that the special door releasing room (in the house of the old) either sends the elderly to: their death, a special cleansing of some sort, a happy isolated location, or to nowhere where you are left to die (much like certain native tribes did with their old). Aside all this, healthy old could probably enter the Committee of Elders. These are things that may happen. The truth is still secret but will probably become clear later in the book.


One response to “The Giver chapter 6

  1. I think it means that the community makes the citizens believe you are being let go. Also, they make people believe that when you are released, you simply leave the community and move to somewhere where you will fit in better. :—)

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