Chapter 5 post by Harveer


                              Chapter 5 post by: Harveer

         It is important is you don’t feel “stirring” because you can’t feel love in the community, If you do take the small pill. Bet if you like someone and that person likes someone else that just make everything worse. Also I don’t think it means that you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend it means that ether want a girlfriend or boyfriend. It makes life difficult in the community because if you like someone but they like someone else it is difficult.


2 responses to “Chapter 5 post by Harveer

  1. But*

    ^^ a couple spelling mistakes but other than that,
    it’s pretty good ..
    Try to expand more on what your saying though.

  2. Harveer it is kind of hard to understand because you have alot of spelling mistakes. You should type it in pages or Microsoft word or anything that has a spelling checker. You also, need to add more information because you dont have that much to prove what you are saying.

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