Chapter 5.

Maybe because they don’t want the people getting to close or falling for each other, they’re just have babies because people are dying, there not doing it for family, there doing it for population. The people are teaching there kids there’s no such thing as love.. and thats not a good thing, what’s life if you can’t fall in love. Yes, I do think it means you can have a girlfriend or boyfriends because if you can’t think of even falling for a girl then that kinda over rules having a girlfriend or boyfriend. I think it will effect the community because what if a young boy or girl has to do volunteer work together and they end up kissing or falling for each other, that will effect the community. There would also be a riot because they want to be together and there not aloud, they probably wouldn’t listen because love is the strongest feeling. I’m glad I live in a community like this because I wouldn’t be able to survive Jonas.


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