Chapter 4.

Some new things I have learned about the community are, when you turn twelve your volunteer  hours stop,and that when you start your “stirrings” you get special pills to stop them, so that you don’t have that type of feeling any more. You cant look at other people naked, and if you do you have to apologize to the person you looked at accidently. I also learned that when you get released you get a special speech about your life. The Old think that some speech’s are boring and others are exciting. The children are not aloud into the Releasing ceremonies.  Nobody knows were you go when your released except the Elders, the committee, and the people who get released.  Nobody really cares though, because everyone thinks that it is good, so no one worries about it.


2 responses to “Chapter 4.

  1. Isnt the “stirrings” part in chapter 5 ???? Because I didn;t see anything about it in chapter 4.

  2. Yes Hafsa’s right. The stirrings begin at the beginning of chapter 5.

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