Chapter 4 “The Giver”.

What i have learned about life in the community is that people are ordered and told what to do in his community Also, what to wear and how to interact with others for the rest of their life unitl they die, Also every person is assighned a role in the community. The receiver of the memory is the only person who is able to live the true pleasure of life. Next, Jonas gets elected as the receiver of the memory and meets the Giver his life changed. The Giver will train Jonas how to become the next Giver. The end by darsot. ūüôā


5 responses to “Chapter 4 “The Giver”.

  1. You went way past chapter four. At least half of your post about chapter 4 does not even happen in it. Watch where the chapters end and if you type your posts in pages, then copy and paste it, it will help you with your editing.

  2. Ok I will improve thanks for the comment.

  3. Make sure that you don’t go past the chapter your writing about. In chapter 4 he is not yet selected to be the Giver. Maybe did you read too far and get your chapters mixed up? Otherwise it was really good, just try to add more details.

  4. You should never have to be told what to do unless you live with your mom and your at school I find that the only way that you can be told what to do

  5. Actually they don’t follow orders until they die it’s only until they’re released (well maybe they do die when they’re released).

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