Alana Redka Chap. 5; The Giver.

It is important for people not to experience ‘stirrings’ because they would complicate the “perfect society”. They can’t feel anything too deep or on their own, everything has to be authorised. If you can feel for whomever you want that would cause complications and pain. Peoples feeling change and when your in control of them you make mistakes, they could end relationships, cheat, and in that it could ruin friendships and cause hatred.

Likewise, it means they won’t have girlfriends and boyfriends because the point of a girlfriend/boyfriend is to find someone to marry and if you get assigned you spouse rather than choosing one there is no need.

This would make their lives a lot different because although they won’t feel the pain of being cheated or dumped they wouldn’t feel the joy a relationship can bring eihter. Like Jonas said on page 39, “…he thought he liked the feelings… he had wanted to feel the Stirrings again.”


One response to “Alana Redka Chap. 5; The Giver.

  1. are the “Stirrings” supposed to be puberty because i am VERY confused about that part in the book

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