“The Giver” Chapter Two;

Describe the community in which Jonas lives. What would you enjoy about living there? What aspects of the community could you not live with?

The community Jonas lives in, I think is plain & boring. They have no colour, too many rules , for example; They get told what to do, how to dress, eat, and how to act around people, or talk. There is only a couple of things I would actually like living in a world like Jonas, are; we would be dressing the same( though it would be boring ), nobody would be judged, & there is no racism. One thing I would hate especially is they are assigned a family, and NEVER meet their birth mother , or father ? They go to COMPLETE strangers who would like that? In The Giver, they have to explain there feelings & dreams, your not allowed to keep secrets. Life would really be anything with secrets. They don’t love in this book, life is love, without love, it would plain & boring, like the book.

I would not be able to live in a world like this ..


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