The Giver- Chapter 5

Why is it important for people to not experience “stirrings”….

In Jonas’s community everything is controlled, from what job you do to what children you get. If the ‘stirrings’ were aloud to go on then the council would lose control over the community, on page 23 Jonas explains to his father how the strongest feeling in his dream was “The wanting, I knew that she wouldn’t. And I think I knew she shouldn’t. But i wanted it so terribly. I could feel the wanting all through me.” The people of the community have never known want, that is the purpose of the Council, to keep their lives in perfect order, so when the ‘stirrings’ come along they have to control it or lose the control they have.

Do you think this means that no one has girlfriends or boyfriends?

I think exactly that, if the Council controls who works where and who gets what child why wouldn’t they control who ‘marries’ who?

How does this make life in the community different?

Without dating or embracing the ‘stirrings’ the people of the community basically lead a life of unknowing celibacy. In our lives the ‘stirrings’ are a sign of growing up (puberty) while in The Giver they are a nuance and need to be controlled.

Would you rather someone choose who you are to be with for the rest of your life?


5 responses to “The Giver- Chapter 5

  1. Great points Sydney.

  2. I find that I would rather move to another country then have someone tell me who I am or what I have to be who I have to marry. I would rather have who I want who I want to be and everything that I want to be decided for my self ūüôā

  3. If I had to live like that I would hope I had to get Released when I was born. I would hate to live in a world where people told you who you were going to live with and what you were going to do.

  4. Very good points, easy to agree with.
    & I LOVE the picture at the bottom , it completely fits (:

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