Chapter 2; “The Giver”

Chapter 2;
Describe the community in which Jonas lives.

Jonas lives in a very boring community … There are MANY rules and regulations you have to follow.

What would you enjoy about living there ?

I don’t think there would be much that I would enjoy because everything seems like a video game to me, everything is controlled by ‘The Giver,’ I wouldn’t enjoy not being able to live my own life.

What aspects of the community could you not live with ?

There is ALOT of things that I wouldn’t be able to stand with this community. I wouldn’t like having an ‘assigned’ family, I like having my own family. I wouldn’t like having an assigned name because it bugs me when peoples names don’t fit their personality and that would happen a lot with a ‘naming list.’ I wouldn’t like the fact that theirs only 2 kids per family (one boy, & one girl.) I wouldn’t like the idea of wearing the same outfit as everyone else, I like expressing myself through my clothes. I wouldn’t like having to share my dreams in the morning because some dreams can get rather personal. I wouldn’t like sharing my day with an assigned family. I wouldn’t like an assigned job. I also wouldn’t like being deemed useless and just released off into some other world. Call me crazy, but the thing I would HATE the most about living in this community is that theirs no love and no pain, there is no feelings, what kind of world could it possibly be if there is no mutual love or even no personal love, and what kind of world could it be if there is no pain ? Pain is a vital part of life .. if there’s no pain then nobody learns from past mistakes or heartbreaks or family issues … Nobody learns.


4 responses to “Chapter 2; “The Giver”

  1. I agree with all your points good job.

  2. These are really good points i don’t think i could live there it seems too dull and bland

  3. Thank-you Ethan. (:
    & Agreed, it would actually get really annoying after a while.

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