Chapter 1

I think the main character of “The Giver” will be Jonas because in chapter 1,2,and 3 the author is telling the story in he’s point of view. Like when he was looking at the baby and he remembered that he stole an apple from a tree and then he had to make an apology to the higher people in the community. Jonas has his 12th caramoney this coming December and then he is asined his own task that he’ll do for the rest of his life. Untill he’s released. He is very worried about this December because he wants a good task and not a losy one like the night doctors.


2 responses to “Chapter 1

  1. Cocacola87 the first part kind of doesn`t explain the main character because Mariah said the apple thing that you have. That is what happend it doesn`t explain how he is the main character.

  2. I would put more information and some quotes. Also, if you type it in pages it will help you with your spelling.

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