Is there a perfect society?

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Remember to included the chapter number in the title of your post. One post and one comment is required for every three chapters.



Who do you think will be the main character of ‘The Giver”? What do you learn about him  in this Chapter 1?

Chapter 2

Describe the community in which Jonas lives. What would you enjoy about living there?What aspects of the community could you not live with?

Chapter 3 

How does the council know when someone breaks a rule? What was the purpose of the announcements made on page 23?


49 responses to “Is there a perfect society?

  1. Chapter 1: Post 1

    I think the main character will be Jonas. The chapter is mostly about him, in the first chapter you learn that Jonas feel frightened when he sees an unfamiliar scene in which an aircraft is flying over the community. Riding on his bicycle home, Jonas reminds himself of the fear that he had felt. Jonas is always careful about language, he tries to think of the exact word to describe his feelings now. Jonas is different from his friend Asher who is not careful about his lagulage and say anything. Jonas thinks back to the incident and thinks that he is feeling “apprehensive.”There is the evening telling of feelings that Jonas’s family has everynight, most of the time Jonas and Lily have an argument about who goes first. But tonight was different. Lily goes first, Lily announces that she felt angry that afternoon because a group of Sevens had visited her Childcare group, and a boy had cut in line in front of everyone else who had been waiting. Mother and Father tell her that maybe he didnt know the rules of their community because he was from another community. Lily then says she isn’t angry and that she felt sorry for the boy who must have felt awkward in a new place. Next, Jonas’s father talks about about his feeling of worry. Father talks about a male child who is not growing like the other children. Jonas’s father says that he is going to keep trying with the child. Then Mother talks about her feelings of frustration and anger. Someone who had broken the rules before had been brought to her again for repeat. Jonas’s turn comes Jonas says that he is feeling apprehensive about the Ceremony of Twelve in December. Mother and Father tell Lily to get ready for bed because they are going to have a private chat with Jonas.

  2. Chapter #1

    It was almost december, and Jonas was beginning to be frightened he has a sickening feeling of something terrible is going to happen. He feels frightened when he sees an aircraft flying over his community that had overflown the community twice. It was against the rules for Pilots flying over the community. All of the citizens had been ordered by loudspeaker to go indoors. Jonas dropped his bike on its side on the path behind his family`s dwelling(A building or shelter to live in) and ran inside and stayed there. Jonas is alot differnt from his friend Asher. Jonas is very precise with his language. Not like Asher, who talked too fast and mixed up things. Jonas is also very apprehensive. That night Lily Jonas sister announced that her childcare group was at the play area, and they had a visiting group of sevens, and they didn`t obey the rules at all, and that one of the male kept going right to the front of the line for the slide, even though the rest of them were waiting. Next, the family encouraged Lily that the visitor may not have understood the rules of their play area were. Then Jonas dad took his turn, describing a feeling of worry that he`d had that day at work : a concern about one of the newchildren who wasn`t doing well, and may be realeased from the community. Then Jonas mom share her feelings of frustration and anger at a man that she had to punish twice in her position at the department of justice.

    Lastly , Jonas reveals his apprehension about the ceremony of twelve which is coming December, and it`s almost December.

    by Fahim 🙂

  3. Response #1

    I think the main character will be jonas because the chapter is mostly about him and because he is the next receiver, Also because the author is telling the story from his point of view.

    • You didn’t add what you think that first chapter tells you about Jonas. And that is important to the question.

    • Ok first of all who are you. What I have learned about Jonas in “The Giver” is that he sees every thing in black and white. He has a sister name Lily who usually goes to the child center , his mom works for the department of justice and his dad is a nurterer. Also I have learned that in his community there are strict rules and if you break the rules you will be released. Jonas is very careful about what he says unlike his friend Asher always jokes around and never knows the right thing to say he will always mess up, Also in his community you are told what to do etc, and when someone turns twelve which means he has to get a job (in his life).

  4. Chapter 2:
    Jonas’s world is bland and has no color. He lives in a world where you are told what to do, how to behave, how to dress, and even how to interact with others. In living in that world I would enjoy how everyone is the same color and dresses the same so not to give a reason to make fun of and so everyone is the same. I like how everything is organized and how every year something special happens for the children until they pass their twelfth year. I also like how they assign the perfect assignment for you and how it would be the perfect thing for you and something you would enjoy very much. There are many things I would not like mainly because I have experience them before, it would be next to impossible for me to live without music or books or color. I also don’t like how the children are punished, whipping them? Isn’t it supposed to be a peaceful place? I also don’t like how many rules there are and some of the more simple ones. I don’t like how you are assigned to your mate. Love is something that i have not experienced yet so would not miss it but I would yearn to know how it feels.

    • k It doesnt mention that they beat them in the first 3 chapters does it?? If it does I’m sorry but if it doesn’t I think you should stick to the chapters that need to be writen about because some people might not be as far as you and if you dressed the same and you were all black and white you really wouldnt have anyway to express your uniqueness and have fun with your style like other communities do. Good post by the way.

    • I think a world would be a better place with colour. There might be some racism but without colours life would be really dull. Also, I don’t like how the comittee chooses the perfect job for you. Many people might be good at something but they might not like it. For example a person might be good in art but does not prefer it as a job. “I also don’t like how the children are punished, whipping them?” If there is no pain in the world how would the children be punished by whipping. Their world doesn’t include pleasure or pain. I agree on the fact that you’re assigned to your mate. You shouldn’t live with someone you dont know or like.

  5. This book shows you what people without freedom would have to go through.

    • Chapter 1

      I think the main character is Jonas. On one hand because it talk about him. By the same token it talks about Jonas’s perfect world and how everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the Community. Then when Jonas turns 12 he is singled out to receive alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. Now it’s time for Jonas to receive the truth. There is no turning back. What I learn about him is that he has a vocabulary. Also he doesn’t really get thing the first time. He sometimes has to think again. Like on page 2 when. Then all of the citizens had been ordered to go into the nearest building and stay there.

  6. Chapter 1

    I believe the main character of the giver would be Jonas. Jonas is in The Elevens and lives with his family unit. Mom, Dad, and Lily. It was getting close to December where the Ceremony of Twelve’s happen. Jonas was getting frightened for it because that’s when they decide what you are going to do for the rest of your life. Jonas’ bestfriend was Asher. Asher and Jonas were buds though usually Asher never took anything seriously. He always’ kids around. Asher never thought before he said something. He was that coordinated too. Like how he missed the game winning catch and Jonas said ‘You’re Released’ by accident. Jonas questions the rules sometimes. For example, at the table he doesn’t like sharing his day. Though it was a rule so I had to talk about it. He talked about how he was apprehensive about the Ceremony. He knew what other people might get as their assignment but had no clue for his own.

  7. Chapter 1

    I think the main character is Jonas. On one hand because it talk about him. By the same token it talks about Jonas’s perfect world and how everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the Community. Then when Jonas turns 12 he is singled out to receive alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. Now it’s time for Jonas to receive the truth. There is no turning back. What I learn about him is that he has a vocabulary. Also he doesn’t really get thing the first time. He sometimes has to think again. Like on page 2 when. Then all of the citizens had been ordered to go into the nearest building and stay there.

    By: Harveer Somal and dont mind the other post it got posted to fahims comment my bad.

  8. Chapter one.

    In chapter one you learn that the main character of The Giver will be Jonas. Jonas has a little sister who is almost eight years old. His mother works in the department of justice and his father is a nurterer. They live in a community with very strict rules. Jonas is very careful with what he says unlike his friend named Asher. Jonas and Asher are eleven years old. Each night after dinner Jonas` family unit has to share their feelings with each other. Jonas is aprehensive about turning twelve because that means he will get his job assignment, and he doesnt know what that will be.

  9. The Giver: Chapter 2

    Living in a world like Jonas’s would be suprisingly difficult to learn, seeing things without colour, behaving the same everyday, how to act around others? Probably the only thing that I would like there, would be that everyone is the same, like there’s no racism,and no one would be judged. And learning about jobs when your 8 years old? Learning somthing new everyday is truthfull to them. What if we had to live like that? We didnt know what a flower would look like or a cloud. I dont understand why Lois Lowry created the book in that type of format. Probably a reason in her past books? I also agree with Baillie, whipping them when they made a simple mistake? Now a days we get grounded or a time out. And also how something special happends to every kid every year.

  10. The main character will be Jonas because, he is the most talked about, the books in his perspective aswell, and its based on his family unit. His characistics are hes very open, he shares all his feelings, he is very complex, and intelligent.He is very to the point, ‘The ritual contiuned “Jonas”? father asked”your last tonight” “Im feeling apprehensive” he confesed. He calls his mum ‘mother, father’. He cant wait he nervous but excited about becomeing 12, to get his job!

    • Sorry! **Chapter one**

      • Jonas mentions he has been accustomed to the courtesy and doesn’t mind being nice to people. I think this community has taught him to act nicely to others but I think he is so used to it now he doesnt mind.

    • Do you think he actually likes being open or he just does it because that’s what he has to do? In his society that’s just what they do, but do you think he really likes it? They live in a very controlling society but do you think he would be the same person if they weren’t controlling, or would he be and act completely different? What do you think?

      • I think thats a really good question, and I think that he dose like to share his feelings because its says in the book that they usually argue about who goes first. It seems like he really wants to share his feelings.

      • I think that Jonas would be a totally different person if he lived in a different society, because the bad things that he does in his society are a big deal, but here they are just things that we do. I think he would still be brave and nice and all but he wouldn’t be the same person,I think he would be one of those kids that never do bad things ever. Overall I guess you wouldn’t really notice if you were in a controlling environment or not if you lived there all your life and have never seen anther community before and see how free they are compared to them.

      • I think he would like to share his feeling with others, and I agree with sarah, the whole book would be realy different if they were aloud to be open.

      • I think he would like to share his feeling with others, and I agree with sarah, the whole book would be really different if they were aloud to be open.

    • Ellie, you should tell people when your going to start a quote from the book, instead of just going right into the quote in the middle of a sentence. For me that was very confusing. I agree with you when you said that the main character will be Jonas because it was in his perspective. 🙂

  11. I think that the main character of “the giver” will be jonas because it’s of his point of veiw and it says on the back of the book that he will be getting a special assigment and I dont think it would be about someone with a regular assigment like nurture, the first chapter told us about him is that he is shy and is worried about what his assigment would be and that he follows the rules just like everybody else an example of this is when he dropped his bike and hid when the plane was coming over the community.

  12. chapter 1I think that the main character of “the giver” is Jonas because he got the glare of the red apple wall throwing the apple back and forth so i think that he will be the main character and get the new giver.

    • mariah how else dose it show that he is the main character? Ya he through an apple up in the air, but what else has he done to show he is the main characters. You need some more details or a quote that shows he is the main character.

      • mariah noble

        Sorry i left my book at home so i was trying to do my best without my book i will remember that next time

    • But Mariah noble you didn’t give much detail about him. Like you nedd to show more thing about him to prove your point. Also use quotes like what Smill990 said.

    • Mariah you didn’t give that much info about him. You need more detail and more explanation of how he is the main character.

  13. I think the main character will be Jonas because they are talking about him a lot in the first chapter, and they are making the story mostly from his perspective. At the beginning they were saying how frightened he was, and was showing it from his point of view.

  14. The Giver : Chapter 1
    I think the main character is going to be Jonas because the book is from his point of view. In this chapter we learn that Jonas thought frightened for what was to come in December when he turned into a 12. He was quite fascinated in the plane when it was flying over the community. Gets angry over losing match. He’s very open and shares his feelings many times in this book. He’s also excited and scared to get his assignment for the 12s.

  15. Chapter 1 response and chapter 2 response.
    I think the main character is Jonas because its him taking and he’s using words like dad and me etc. His community sounds fun and there would be a lot of friendly people I would wanna live there because you would have a lot of people to talk to and a lot of friends but i wouldn’t wanna live there because of the rules. No teaching people how to ride a bike or having no comfort item, you had to share your feelings, getting assigned a job when you were 12 my opinion is I just think all the rules are kinda dumb, there’s no point to them and even in the book they said they brake the rules.. But I’m glad those rules don’t apply here.

  16. Chapter 1 Post

    I think the main character will most likely be Jonas because the 1st chapter is about him. In chapter one, you see life through Jonases eyes and on the back of the book it explained that He would be getting an assignment at the age of twelve. Some characteristics of jonas would be that He is very open and ok with talking about his feelings to other people. In chapter one, Jonas is the only one you really hear about in the scene where the plane took a wrong turn.

    • Mbjunk Just because they are talking from there point of view doe’s mean he is. Also you should use some quotes.

      • harveers10

        If it is from some ones point of view that could be one way. But you should use morre details from the book to prove it.

  17. *Chapter 1*
    I believe the main character will be Jonas, because in the first few sentences of the book, it mentions Jonas’ name a lot and while reading through you can see that it is about his adventure and what he expiriences through the story. Also, it talks about him on the blurb. You learn that he has pale eyes, which is different from his “community” and that he sees things other people do not. Such as the apple “changing” when he was playing catch with his friend Asher.

    *Chapter 2*
    The community Jonas lives is very controlled, everyone has a job to do and they all stick by the rules. There is no colour and people talk with “proper language”. There is also absolutely no differences either. Everyone wheres the same thing all the females and males have the same hairstyle. I would enjoy the no pain part of the society, and the no love part to. Because a lot of the time, love causes pain. Which isn’t good. So I could live without that. Whereas I don’t think I could stand living there. Knowing what it’s like to live in a world of colour and joy. I’d go insane. I believe it’s the price you pay for being happy and joyful, pain and suffering.

    *Chapter 3*

    They\ commitee knows someone has broken a rule by secret cameras everywhere. Also they announce it on giant speakers which go over the town. If someone has broken the rules to many times or is no longer useful to the community then they are “released”

    In my opinion, it’s seems like sort of a boring town 🙂 No excitement (:

  18. butterfingers1

    Chapter 2
    Jonas lives in a community where every is to be the same and must follow the rules since they live in a perfect world with no colour and no feelings that you can have for one individual person since you get assigned a “mate”. I think that i would like to live there since I would not be judged for being different since everyone will be pretty much the same. Even though they think that they are in a perfect world they have some disadvantages like, I wouldn’t be able to pick my own job or pick who I would be with in my “family unit”.

  19. In chapter one you learn that Jonas live in a society that has no color and everyone is told what to do and when to do it. Instead of families their called family units and none of the people in the unit are related, they separate all of the families just so that they can all live in perfect society.

  20. The giver chapter 3
    The people knew if they were doing something incorrect because an announcement would come on to everyone. But it wasn’t specific but everyone knew who it was for, for example “attention. This is a reminder to females under nine that hair ribbons are to be neatly tied at all times. He turned toward Lily and noticed to his satisfaction that her ribbons were, as usual undone and dangling” said Jonas. But it was forbidden to talk about it, the imperfections.

  21. Chapter 3
    The council knew Jonas had taken the apple because, They probably had people (the elders watching the elevens) watching their every move and seeing that Asher increases his hand-eye coordination. Or maybe they have secret cameras to monitor the rules and regulations are followed. The announcements are to remind the society to stay in line. Yet, what seems odd is there’s supposed to be no joy but many people are happy with their lives (e.g Jonas’s father in law/society). But many others are depressed. This is probably resolved and taken up later in the book. That’s all I have to say.

  22. *Chapter 3*
    The council knows when somebody breaks a rulebecause there is a camera and a speaker plantedin everyones family unit, that watchs everyone and that constaly throws out message. The announcement is made to remind everyone of the rules. Lily had her hair not tied neatly and this may cause sad feeelings. Since sad feelings are not allowed they have to remind them by speaking the rule into a mic that follows into the home of the people.

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