If you like Guitar Hero, then you may like this. It is called Jamlegend, and it is an online website. It is very simular to Guitar Hero, and its a lot of fun. You can play songs on your own, against your friends, or go in showdowns and play against other people. I play this game, and i find it is a lot of fun, and sugest you try it out.

this is an image of the hompage. The website is here, but if you want to be friends, then use this link here. They will both lead to the homepage, but if you use the second link, and click sign up, then when you sign up, you will automadicly be friends.


2 responses to “Jamlegend

  1. Alicia this web site is so cool. How did you find it? It’s so much fun, I play it like every day now.

  2. Hey I tried it but it says to play music you need to import it to my library. Can anysong be imported and can you delete the file from your desktop (to save memory space) without losing the song in the game?

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