As I was watching t.v last night Miley Cyrus came on with her new hit ” Party In The U.S.A” and my sister says ” wow she is showing way to much skin” and I said ” she is growing up she is almost legal to drink she can’t be little miss hannah montana all her life.” I bet half of the girls at our school wear more revaling cloths than she does and she is 17. I hate when people say that when disney girls who are older than 16 wear to much revaling cloths. Like get over it they are growing up , let them wear what they want to wear. So next time you see a disney star showing a little more skin than they usealy show think of a couple things . One, how old they are . Two, think what you wear, and three, they are growing up so get over it.


2 responses to “Miley

  1. I find that it is not to reviling unless you start to see little girls looking up to her wearing the same thing as her ūüôā

  2. I agree with you Sarah, everyone has to accept that we’re groing up and making our own decisions and everyone else has to deal with it. Miley has her own life and she can live it the way she wants it to be or let her father run her whole life.

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