Who are you in “The Outsiders”?

Which character are you most like from The Outsiders? Explain using qudle and evidence from the novel.

Mr. Whattam as Darry? I would even shave.


46 responses to “Who are you in “The Outsiders”?

  1. The character I am most like from The Outsiders is Ponyboy. The reason I believe I’m like Pony because the way Pony and Darry have a relation, I have the same relation with my dad. “I never could please him.” It’s the same thing with me. Whenever I get a test with 2 or 3 less marks he always questions me like ‘Why didn’t you check twice’ and things like that. Also every time I study alot he tells me to not study that much. If I’m playing some game he asks me why I’m not studying. He is never satisfied with what I am doing. So the relationship with Darry and Pony is the same with me as Pony and my dad as Darry.

  2. I think that I am most like Ponyboy. I think I am because Pony is usually quiet, like he said at the beginning of the book, “I’m usually pretty quiet around people, even the gang”, I am too. I am very quiet around people most of the time, even if there a really good friend. I can be with a group of friends and I just listen to them talk, but I don’t talk very much. That’s why I think I am most like Ponyboy.

  3. I would say that I am like Ponyboy because Ponyboy like books and movies like no one in the gang. I might not like books the way Ilike movies. But when it comes to movies I will watch it. If I got to watch a weird movie like TOOTH FAIRY.

  4. I know shes not a big character , but I think I’m most like Marcia because in the scene where they’re all at the movies, she’s quiet and doesn’t say much . To all of my friends and a lot of people, I’m very quiet like her .

  5. I think I’m most like cherry valance because she’s aggressive and is very sneaky at what she does, She likes to tell people things straight. I know I’m aggressive and like to be upfront about things, Thats why I think I’m most like cherry valance.

  6. I think that Im most like Johnny because in the beginning of the book he’s shy and quiet and does what ever He’s told. When people tell me to do something i usually do it except for when i know what Im doing is wrong, I at least have self control.

  7. I think I’m most like Ponyboy. Ponyboy likes to read and he likes to watch movies. He enjoys being by himself for certain things and he is rather quiet when he wants to be.
    I love to read and I love watching movies, for certain things i enjoy being by myself, and when I want to be I can be quiet.

    • Ya you like to read but he wants to to join the track team and like you said this morning you do not like sports so i think you would be like Marcia.:)

  8. In the book/movie The Outsiders, I would say that I would be Marcia because she’s quiet. Like in the scene where the ” Greasers” and the Socs girls were at the movie and when they start to talk Marcia barley says a word. Im like Marcia because I am really quiet when it comes to talking to others, like when your friends rate each other as ” Preps ” or ” Seans” and I will always be the quiet and shy one in the group.

  9. I think I am most like Ponyboy because the relationship between Pony and Johnny is like my relationship with me and Tyler Hood. We are best friends and in the book when Johnny died and Pony was REALLY upset, well if Tyler died i would do the same thing we have known each other for a long time and he is like my brother. I don’t like fighting but if I need to, I will. That is who in the outsiders I think I am most like

  10. What.

  11. Do you want.

  12. Im most like Ponyboy. I say this because he’s thinks through something before he does it, unlike the rest. I would never kill anybody even passed the chance with a cracked bottle pop. And he likes to read.

    I find it hard to relate to “The Outsiders” because were not all in gangs. But if I was in a gang, I think I would be Bob, dead and gone. (:

  13. I believe that I would most likely be Two-Bit. I believe this because i can make friends easily. The person that I think that I am the least lie would be. Some of my friends sometimes say that I am tough (for example, Ethan) I can also make people laugh, an that is why I believe I am like Two-Bit.

  14. I would say I am most like sodapop because wenever my brother gets mad at the parents like how pony gets mad at darry I, he always tells me about it and I usally listen and understand what he means. He also tells me almost everything and we get along awsomely. Also just like sodapop I hate it when they fight or when hes getting in trouble not because they make me take sides but because my parents usally get mad at everybody when one person gets in trouble.

  15. I think i am most like Cherry Valance, she’s very aggressive with things, she’s very very sneaky, e.g. when she’s being a spy for the greasers when she’s a socs. Cherry likes to tell people what’s on her mind… and so do i thats why i am always in trouble with teachers cause of my attitude :).

  16. Out of all of the characters in the Outsiders, I think I’m like Johnny. I think I am like Johnny because, I am quiet, I’m the pet of my friends, and people sometimes underestimate my abilities. The book says, “He was the gang’s pet, everyone’s kid brother.” and “Johnny couldn’t say “Boo” to a goose.”

  17. I think I am most like Two-bit from The Outsiders because I am always smiling and cracking jokes , oh and British said so. On page 27, “he’s kinda of scatterbrained” And I am in class all the time.

  18. Aha, what a interesting post

  19. The character in ‘The Outsiders’ that I am most like is, a female version of Ponyboy. I am most like Ponyboy because I enjoy reading, and Ponyboy enjoys reading and that is why he “Killed time reading Gone With The Wind…” during the four days he was hiding in the church. When I have nothing to do, I enjoy sitting down and reading a book, especially in the summer. I remember many times when I went outside, sat in the warm sun and fresh air just reading. Another reason I am like Ponyboy is because he is smart, but doesn’t like people knowing it. I am pretty smart as well, but I don’t like people thinking that. Enjoyment or reading and secretive intelligence are two things that make me and Ponyboy similar.

  20. In the Outsiders, the character I think I’m most like is Randy because I prefer not to fight in almost any situation. Even if Fahim (Fahim has given me permission to use him as an example) is making me angry with his lame shoulder tap-runaway thing or people are purposely bumping into me. As he said, “I’m sick of fighting.” reminds me to stop picking up the aggressive behavior from certain kids at Lincoln. I’m not saying Lincoln is a bad school it’s just because of some kids who think they can push everybody around. So, in end I think I’m kinda like Randy.

  21. The character I believe I would most likely be would be Randy because in the book The Outsiders he said “I am sick of fighting”. A connection I have made to my life would be that when ever I go to my cousin’s house they would always ask me if I want to fight but I would always say “No” because I hate fighting and I am sick of it. So, In conclusion I believe that I would most likely be Randy that is my opinion.

  22. I think that i am mostly like ponyboy because me and him both enjoy going to the movies and like to see it in silence so i can really get in the movie. Also i am like him because in a group of friends i bite my tongue a lot and don’t say what i really think or feel. On the other hand i am also like him because the relation ship between him and sodapop is like me and my mum can tell her everything and know she is not going to judge me and understand. I am also like him because I am the youngest so i am the “immature”, “foolish” person in my family. This is why i think i am a girl version of ponyboy.

  23. I Only do that because its fun watching your reaction.

  24. I think I am most like a female version of Dally. “He was smart, he didn’t fit in as a greaser, I knew it and Soda knew it,” Dally would have went on with an athletic scholarship if not for his parents dyeing and Pony also said that he was ‘smart as a whip’ In my family I am the athletic one and also sort of the protecter for my little brother. His relationship with Pony reminds me a lot of my brother and I, we yell at each other a lot but we love each other and we care about what’s going on with each other.

  25. The character that I would be most like, would be Ponyboy because Ponyboy enjoys reading and spending time alone. He also doen’t talk much, and was there when his friend Johnny needed his help.

    I personally like reading I’d rather read than write, I don’t talk much. And when any of my friend need my help I try my best to help them.

  26. The character I think I am most like from the outsiders would be Cherry Valance because she knows how to stick up for her self and takes crap from no one and I’m the same way.

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